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Where to Get Your Thailand SIM Card

Bangkok has always been a popular travel destination especially for Malaysians; apart from shopping and eating, it is mainly due to the relatively less painful exchange rate.

Upon exiting the Don Mueang International Airport (and I believe the same applies to Suvarnabhumi Airport), there will be hoards of sales people aggressively selling you the local SIM card. Although the airport and many hotels provide complimentary WiFi services, it is actually quite useful to own a local SIM card from my recent experience in Bangkok.

With the data plan, I use it mainly for searching for directions, places name in Thai language (for the taxi drivers’ reference), hailing a Grab/Uber – saves you from the hassle of haggling with taxi drivers if they refuse to use the metre, and for Grab/Uber to contact you or vice versa.

Now, at the airport, they will be pushing the 299 baht or 199 baht package to you:

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It seems like it is a standard package across all telco and seems to be the best package available for travelers. But I found out that you can consider the following alternative.

After arriving in Bangkok city, wherever you are staying, just head to the nearest 7-Eleven stores (they are everywhere!), tell the cashier you would like to purchase a SIM card and data plan.

The lady at the cashier recommended me this which costs only 108 baht – that’s about half the price of the tourist packages:

SIM card (49 baht) & 1.2 GB data plan (59 baht) = 108 baht

With 1.2GB data plan, 90MB 3G/4G data and 20 baht credit for emergency, it’s a great deal at 108 baht for my 4 days 3 nights at Bangkok.

The data speed might be slightly slower compared to the tourist packages, but it was sufficient for my usage. So you can spend more on shopping and eating!

Till then, learn some Thai greetings:
arun sawad = good morning (dawn)
ratri sawad = good evening


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