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High Tea @ Belle Vue Tea Room, The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing tea session at Belle Vue Tea Room, The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort. Located on the fringe of KL/Pahang, the beautiful 5-star luxury resort is an hour’s drive away from the city.

Apparently, the resort observes a no-child (kids below the age of 8 years old) policy, so it’s a really private and exclusive place, fit for honeymooners.

Belle Vue Tea Room observes a smart casual dress code. Don’t come in your slippers and shorts.

The Chateau from outside. image credit: supermengmalaya.blogspot.my 
Belle Vue Tea Room’s High Tea Menu

Each diner will get to select their choice of coffee or tea. I went for the Turkish Apple fruit tea selection, while my mum had cappuccino.

The lovely set-up of the tables 

The English silverware and marble tabletop made us (my mum and I) feel like royalty.

High-tea for 2

Overall, we enjoyed the high-tea selections thoroughly, my favourite was the scones (not in image) which I loaded it with cream, butter and passion fruit jam. The homemade passionfruit jam was really delicious! I loved the macaron too, which happen to be passionfruit flavour as well.

The desserts actually came in pairs, but only one was displayed on the tray. Once you have taken it, the friendly staff will refill it for you.

The staff were super attentive and gave top-notch service with a genuine smile.

We took some time to explore the place after our tea, especially the pool area. Since it was in the late afternoon, it was quite quiet and calm. It would’ve been nice to read a book by the pool and soak in the sunlight without the heat, just like in overseas.

View from the other side 
The pool area. 

The only pity is that we had to journey on quite a windy road to arrive at this place. For those who tend to be car-sick, you might want to take note on this. Perhaps some medication would help.



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