Shopping: Lazada vs 11street

There’s a saying “beauty is more than skin deep”. With age and work demand factors that accelerate ageing of my body, I am trying out NH Colla Plus my friend has recommended.

Like I always do, I tend to compare prices first to ensure I’m getting the best deal possible at that time. For online shopping, I’ve only trusted in Lazada and 11street. Here’s the result of my comparison.

nh colla lzd
Lazada: RM10 off with min. spend of RM50 (RM78.40)

The item is sold and fulfilled by Watsons Malaysia, so it Lazada offers free shipping for the item, therefore the nett amount is RM 68.40. Currently, the item is out of stock.

nh colla 11street
11street: RM78.40 with credit rebate RM4.89

The item is also sold and fulfilled by Watsons Malaysia and offers free shipping.

It is sold for the exact same price in Watsons’ physical store too.

At first glance, it seems like Lazada’s price is more competitive. However, I came across a discount coupon that is applicable for this product on 11street.

beauty 15
Applicable for products worth min. RM50, with max discount of RM30. One day only.

Now, with the coupon discount, the NH Colla Plus will only cost RM66.64 (vs Lazada’s RM68.40), and this is not even including the credit rebate of RM4.89 + 5% mobile credit rebate from 11street.

If I didn’t come across the discount coupon, I would’ve safely assumed that Lazada is cheaper and proceeded with my order (if it’s still in stock). No wonder Lazada is the first name that comes to mind for online shopping.

For 11street, it’s like a game of hide-and-seek to scout for coupons for cheaper deals. Shouldn’t the promo be marketed upfront to entice customers to shop with you? 11street gotta work harder in improving this if they intend to beat Lazada.

Verdict: 11street wins the battle for price competitiveness, but Lazada wins hands down on customer journey.


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